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The OLd Town and Ruins

The Old Town and  Ruins


 Birzeit old city is situated on the top of a hill into the northern site of the city which can be described as an old site full of the ruins of Greeks, Roman and Mamloukian civilizations such as the stable which was built in the Mamloukian age representing the ruins of the Roman church, Al-Umari Mosque, and the old Greek Orthodox Church. Furthermore, the old site of the village is consiting from many archs such as: Housh Al-Washha, Housh Dar Abu Awad which was settled by two Moslems families, Housh Dar Musallam, Housh Dar Al-Kaileh, Nasir, Housh,Housh Al-Etim, Housh Dar Nasir, Housh Dar Saadah which was settled by the Christian families, but these places were not absolutely divided, since some Christian families wee living in the Moslems places and some Moslem families wre living at the Christian places during a specified period of time.

According to the Othman Formal Registries the recent site of Birzeit city was mentioned as a farm which is related to town which its site was in the hill of the ruin recently situated into the south of the present town as it was named at the beginning of the Othman Rule. This site also is consisting of ruins of many civilizations since the inhabitants transferred  from the old site (Hill of the Ruin) into the new site, the site of the old town under the pressure of Al-Qais & Al Yaman wars, and by the order of Ibn Samhan the Shiekh of Bani Hareth Northern Tribe because they disobeyed him at one of period of time.